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    After the update I cant join my server with my character. It forces me to make a new character and it gives me a 30 minute respawn timer. It wouldn't even let me make a new character until the timer counts down. So I quit the game, and came back 30 minutes later to see the timer had reset. So it's back to 30 minutes.

    I tried changing the server to pve to see if that could get around it, and it's still at 30 minutes

    we should get 48 hours because it was down for 24? That makes zero sense..

    Also it has not been 24 hours because I was on my server just a few hours ago for almost 3 hours.

    I am using the app thru the xbox store like I'm supposed to.

    But no matter what option I choose I keep getting told in a separate popup window to "Choose another item

    This in-app purchase is no longer available in Nitrado. [CV:9kVDfqplskqNi34+.589.2] "

    I've tried this with different areas and locations, different configurations for days and player slots. And even different games to see if anything worked.

    I have updated the app. Deleted the app and redownload it, nothing.