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    ok but what i have to fill in #tmin? Or should i have to dont overwrite this?

    So i understand that i habe to save automatic restart in the same distance lin all 2 hours that the massage can delay it at the right time? And i have to save the message at a restart that the countdown begin at the right time? Thank you for your help you are the one and only who answered on my question. The support dont wanna work:(

    i have canceled this cause the other messages dont work. I need to know what ibhave to fill in for my 3 restarts




    <text>This server (#name) will shutdown in #tmin minutes.</text>


    I would like to have an countdown for 05.00 , 17.00 and 22.00 o clock and i dont know what i have to fill in #tmin. I know the 600 is for 10 hour befor

    And how can i do this that the message comes every day at the right time?

    i have automatic restarts at 05.00, 17.00 and 22.00. But what i have to write in #tmin?

    Do i have to create this massage 3 times?

    If i save it with #tmin all messages dont running