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    I did, but I was incrementally changing to make the days longer and the nights shorter. I didn't see it before but my DayCycleSpeedScale=1 setting looked like this

    DayCycleSpeedScale=. .4

    Thank you for pointing back at that setting.

    Hi, The clock on my Ark Server is not progressing. In game it is as if it were paused. Everything else seems to be working fine. It just doesn't change from day to night unless I manually change the time. Has anyone else had this issue? Did I inadvertantly stop time somehow? I'm not super game at the moment to reset the server.

    I spent a brief time with Nitrado support over the phone. I was told that the mods have to be uploaded to the Nitrado server via FTP. Given the headache that keeping track of updates will cause, and the fact that I cannot get a host in the US, I have decided to simply move to a competetor for this game. It may be taht either they cannot for some legal reason or Nitrado simply hasn't commited to supporting the game, or those of us that would enjoy playing it. I will however enjoy a less lag environment now. :)

    P.S. Follow up, I attempted to work out how to set up the server mods with Avorion help via thier official discord. My syntax for the lua is accurate according to them. It was they who instructed me to reach out to Nitrado Tech support. Unfortunatly that didn't work out favorably.

    It would be pretty awesome if we Americans could get access to Avorion on a US server. Being as dedicated to Nitrado as I am, I have opted to use your German server to host my Avorion game. It does suffer from lag issues. The only other option I have is to use one of your competitors. I have no clue as to why this is only offered on your German server, but if it is possible, could we pretty please get a more localized option?

    Well it would for once help if you explained what those unfavorable results were. And maybe even link the video, so people that know about Avorion mods (I don't) can figure out what's wrong.

    Fair Enough here are the links to the 2 locations that say pretty much the same thing. Youtube video TUTORIAL: Install Avorion Mods on Nitrado Servers - YouTube

    and the WIKI explains it more indepth Using Mods on Dedicated Servers - Official Avorion Wiki (

    I have tried a few variations. I currently have uploaded in the avorion-->galaxies-->MyGalaxy folder a file labled modconfig.lua

    This is the context of the file. I tried to keep it as basic as possible.

    modLocation = ""

    forceEnabling = false

    mods =


    {workshopid = "2302795428"},

    {workshopid = "2222734126"},

    {workshopid = "2005799455"},

    {workshopid = "2017308024"},

    {workshopid = "2461787294"},

    {workshopid = "2040222139"},

    {workshopid = "1816511488"}


    Anyone know how to add mods on Nitrado. I found a video, and a wiki. Niether of them produced a favorable result. Any help would be appreciated.

    Maybe I am missing something. If I shut down my server, delete my password, and click save, the web interface puts my admin password it's place. No matter how many times I delete it it does this. The only difference is it turns a different shade. Does this mean it isn't active?