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    Sorry you're having issues. Have you made any recent changes to your settings? Is this a new server and has it worked previously? What game are you running as well? The more information you can provide the better can attempt to assist you

    hay I just wanted to know the same thing it's been 48 hrs. and it's not u on list I have fallowed all tips that where in link and also have reinstalled server might I be overlooking something. I haven't added any mods to server, so I haven't messed with any code sorry in advance if this is a headache

    As Doa had asked where did you the server amd which platform are you trying to play on?


    You are able to chose a 3 day option to test and try out the server. There isnt a free option to test the servers before hand.

    You are able to change many things on the server aside from adding mods which are not available on console servers.

    If you choose the month option and to pay monthly on the serber it does not restart or wipe at the end of the month and start fresh. It will continue to run with your settings and saves as long as you continue to pay for the server.

    If yoh stop paying it will stay suspended for about a month before deleting itself all together.


    Sorry you're having issues. Have you opened a support ticket yet? If so I would suggest waiting for support to get back to you. If you haven't opened one you can submit a ticket via the support link located at the bottom of the page.

    if this is a new server you can try to do a reinstall or try restarting the server without the mod to see if you can connect.


    I'm sorry youre having some issues with your server. Sometimes if the server is down it isnt always due to maintenance. There could be a corrupt file within the server. It could also be to user error as well.

    I've made one little error in coding and cause the server to crash. If the server is going to ulbe updated there will usually be a notification on the mobile app that pops up. If there is a more wide spread outage going on. There will for sure be some type of notification on socials or discord stating this.

    There usually wouldn't be anything posted on social or discord if it's regarding just your servers. I do apologize if this causes any inconvenience. The best route is to create a support ticket when your server is not working as it should.

    Would you mind posting the error messages you're getting? This can help with correcting the issue. Do you also know what your automated tasks are set to as well?

    If you don't want it private you must turn off the server password under general settings of your web interface. You must also check the box to allow for cave building located under general settings as well.

    Are you using regular of expert mode ?


    This is not possible as a cluster requires multiple servers. Each map would require its own server to run. The only thing you can do with a single server is upload your items and dino to the obs then change the map in the server settings and then download them from the ob while in game.


    When it comes to events unfortunately some only work to a point. This is done by Wildcard when it's outside the actual event some things just do not work and have been removed.


    When you first pull up the admin window it should say request admin. Once you put your password in and click the button where it says request admin it should change to input admin or something along those lines. Then you can input your cheats or whatever you wish in the window