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    I found out you can change host server, so I've switched. Hopefully ill have more joy.

    Ohh, what is that and how do you do it, please? Its driving me up the wall at the moment!

    I've had no issues since changing host. I did have to start again from scratch but I can play it again, there might be a way to save everything but I was impatient and just wanted to play lol.

    To change, highlight your username and click on my services. Scroll down and you will see your server, underneath were it says server profile is a little arrow, click on that and there's loads of options, what you want is > Change slots, runtime, or Location.

    Hope this helps.

    Seems to be a UK server issue.

    Having same problems, only just rented the server on the PS4 on Sunday (wish I'd known then)

    My server generally works if I'm solo, but if joining and my friend is playing then within the hour they, zombies and loot will either freeze or disappear and I cant interact with anything. Then those constant timeouts when trying load....