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    Of note... I just changed my map on this server from Genesis to TheIsland, then to Rag and those two show up fine. When changed back to Genesis it does not show any more. I submitted a ticket.


    I did stop the server when making changes.

    Ive been away for a couple months, just got home and am experiencing the same issue with one of my two servers. Ive done all the same above, and stopped it each time. Ive also stopped and waited for a good 10 minutes while searching the forums. Restarted now and its been 5 mins and it wont show. I thought about a reinstall but dont want to whipe it yet if I dont have to.....

    You still have this issue Neutralized?

    Hmmmm want to remove the password and make a temp name and ill try and log in? Im on the east coast of the US... we can see it it works for me? You can just wipe it later unless you have others on there who are playing.

    I dont know how to send a pm here or id send you my xbox name and send you a message there.

    Hey, this link is awesome for server settings in Expert mode. As far as setting players up as Admins you might want to hit the Discord channels and see there if anyone has done it. I think you can do it on a STEAM server but I dont know about Xbox. I know servers that have more than one admin... but I dont know how to do that other than giving away your admin password... which I wouldnt do!! lol

    Hope it helps...

    You can see your server there and it doesnt work? I had the cant not find address issue once before too... contact support and tell them about it. They may have you do some stuff like give them your IP address etc etc so they can look at it. Thing is... when this happened before it was not a Nitrado problem.. it was ARK :( They messed something up and not everyone could log in. I dont know what the fix was but I know Nitrado can move your server to different hardware... maybe that will help.

    No worries lol I did the same thing really. once you see your server there and are good to go... the settings tab will let you set it up the way you want... you can do 10x xp lol 30X gathering.. etc etc. It works well.. I like increasing the maturity speed to about a 4... that makes it a little more fun but without "instant" raisings.

    have fun!!


    in the server settings you pick your own name. You need to set it up after purchase... its under your server settings "general" there will be options to choose the map you want and to name it whatever you want it to be.

    On the main Nitrado page, log in.

    Select your login name in upper right...

    select "My Services" and your game server will be there...

    Select the setting icon (looks like gears on far right of the server)

    Then select the "General" settings under the settings section on the left. and there you go!!

    Your server is probably there... you just dont know the default name lol.

    P.S. only choose a map that you have the ability to play on!!! any expansions you dont own you wont be able to log into.

    Ok... well on the console it should be under the "Unofficial PC Sessions" located at a tab on the bottom. Also, make sure you check the "show password protected" option too if you put a password on it.

    Then it should show up under whatever you named it. If its not there yet, note that it can take 30 minutes to finish the complete install of the server (not knowing how long ago you got it) and also it can take as much as 5 mins after starting the server (though not usually). Other than that put the server name or partial in the search box on the page and keep refreshing and see if it pops up.

    You can do a lot from the Xbox app or the Windows 10 APP from the windows store, but i like the web interface better for everything EXCEPT for paying the monthly charges lol Like Repaidrug1 found out... use the xbox or windows 10 APP to pay for it.

    On the web interface using your browser just access with your account name and login info... then you will see a "my services" section under your loging name on top right of screen.

    Then select the server you just purchased and set it up. Its straight forward in the normal mode.. expert mode is a bit harder so just leave it in normal for now. You will find the setup very similar to the host/local settings in ARK when you play standalone games.

    Ok... he same window on the left hand side should open when you go tot the main Nitrado page, click your login name and select "My Support Requests".

    Yes the staff is nice. They work with you a lot and seem to always do as much as they can!

    Heres how you open a ticket.....

    At bottom of this page click support.

    On the left of the page that comes up click "my support requests".

    then top right of screen click new support request and BOOM.... your set!

    make sure your logged in under your account!

    Good Luck!!

    Yes Repaidrug1 that is why :( Xbox wants everything for it to be Xbox (owned by Windows) You can manage a server from an APP, even an apple app. but not pay for extra time. Now it sounds like you have your Xbox/PC server and a PC/PS4 server both. Xbox did this specifically cause they dont want Xbox and PS4 mixing :(

    its frustraiting.

    So... I followed the WIKI info on cluster server creation and it sais to NOT use a password on cluster servers or it can cause errors... so.. no password obviously means anyone can log into my servers and play... not what I want... So again... I password protected my main one and left the one added "cluster" non password protected and you now need a p-word to log into my main but NOT my alt server... lol Here is the wiki link...

    I password protected them both and now its secure. My thought was... once you log into the server... can I disable the need to use a password to go back and forward between them in some way?

    I had to google that cause I hadn’t heard of it LoL. Sounds good but I’m still playing on xbox :( no mods that I know of work for that. I know Element is on Genesis too, just waiting on my friends who are playing there to let me know a comparison as to how much and how easy it is compared to Extinction lol

    That is difficult, because the longest maturing Dino in the game takes days. If you want it to take 20 to 30 minutes then smaller dinos will be instantly matured when they hatch.

    You can do it for consul. you need to set your server to expert mode and manually add a Dino Spawn for the wyvern and types you want, and you set the weight counter for how much it will Spawn.

    Finding the location codes for the maps that you want to use is the only difficult part I have had with it.