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    ive added custom per level stats to my ark server, shut it down, waited 15 minutes, came back online and nothing is changing, ive scoured the web for answers but have had no luck solving the issue. can someone please help?


    Weight 50000.0
    Oxygen 5000.0
    Stamina 5.0
    Melee damage 5.0
    Health 5.0
    Speed 3.0
    Crafting speed 1500.0

    Dino (tamed)

    Speed 1.4
    Crafting speed 25.0
    Weight 151515.0
    Melee damage 3.0
    Stamina 3.0
    Health 3.0

    Add Dino (tamed)

    Health 2.0
    Stamina 2.0
    Oxygen 2.0
    Weight 2.0
    Melee damage 2.0
    Speed 2.0

    Affinity Dino (tamed)

    Health 1.3
    Stamina 1.3
    Weight 1.3
    Melee damage 1.3
    Speed 1.2