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    Short announcement!

    We were made aware customers were unable to post on the DayZ Category and have now fixed the permissions, the DayZ Category was moved from Other Games sub-forum to the main game list category. We didn't realise this resets the DayZ Category permissions and we'd have to set them again. We apologise for this error! Please post away!

    Those of you who let us know, thank you!

    Update #2:

    We have started gradually rolling out installs of pre-orders again, this will take time as we're doing them in waves, this is because we're also making sure the in-game server browser can handle the rollout, so that when your server is installed it's working fine and you're able to play! We want to thank you for your patience so far and ask you to hold on a little longer!

    Hi there!

    Firstly, thank you for being one of the people that comes back and posts their solution, instead of just "Nevermind, I fixed it" :D

    Secondly, this solution you've listed does work. Another solution which may be a little quicker for those with slower internet speeds is:

    • Reinstall the server with the Reinstall function in the web interface.
    • (Optional) Export your configuration settings by going to General -> Settings and clicking Export.
    • (Optional) Download any mission files for re-upload after the install.


    The run time of your DayZ server will only start AFTER the server is installed. So you will NEVER be charged for any time you cannot use.

    Additionally, we want to inform you about the pre-order process in general. After a game becomes available we install the servers in waves based on a first-come first-serve basis. This means the sooner you have pre-ordered, the sooner you will receive access to your server. (The first person to have Pre-ordered, gets installed first and so on)

    Unfortunately, this process might take longer and depends not only on the required hardware configuration and location, but also on the developers themselves. Currently Bohemia has put a temporary hold on orders to ensure the game runs well for everyone. For us this means that we unfortunately are in a position where we can only tell you that we will work very hard to get your server online as soon as possible.

    We sincerely appreciate your patience and will keep you updated via our social media and forum. Please also check @DayZ for additional info.

    Hello! Sadly Ark Server API has serious security vulnerabilities. As the plugins are 3rd party and not required to be open source, and the Ark Server API does not restrict their access to critical files, the only way we would be able to add the Ark Server API is if:

    1. The plugins were open source and vetted manually before they could be used on the Ark Server API platform

    2. Ark Server API restricted access to critical files.

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your patience, we believe we've identified the route cause of the common issue you're all experiencing in NY, and have implemented a fix, if you're still having issues please update your support ticket!

    Make sure to restart your server and check before concluding it's not been fixed! :)

    Thanks! You're all absolute stars!

    Note: Platform Tag is PS4 but this applies to all console servers.

    Pre-Order fulfilment has re-started!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    (FAQs will be expanded as more questions come in)

    Q: How long will it take before all the Pre-Ordered Servers are installed?
    A: This will take several days because of the number of Pre-Orders and also because we're gradually adding, in waves, more game servers to ensure that the in-game server browser can handle it.

    Q: Will I get all the time I paid for?

    A: Your server's runtime will not start counting down until after your server has been installed.

    Q: My server was already installed and I'm unable to connect, what can I do?

    A: Currently Nitrado is waiting for the issue to be resolved on Bohemia's end, if you're unable to connect to your server, please refrain from submitting a support ticket, Nitrado support will be unable to assist.

    Q: My server already got installed, will I get the time back?

    A: Nitrado is always striving to be fair. Any server owners that have lost time due to these difficulties will have their server time extended once the difficulties have been fixed.

    Are you testing the settings in a trusted program such as HeidiSQL/another SQL Tool or only in the XPkiller plugin? You should also have been sent an E-Mail with the database details when you created the database.

    We just added aaaaaalllllll the new settlement options to the web interface, I would recommend taking a look into those and adjusting as needed, then perhaps switching from the old to the new one. They've added a lot more customisation to it. :)

    The timed restart does give a countdown, but obviously not as long as you would like.

    An automated rcon message feature isn't available in our WebInterface at the moment for Ark Mobile, but I can definitely put it on the dev's to-do list to look into the possibilities of it.