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    This is the main thread for all console discussion, I just have to choose a platform option in order to post :P

    I would liken what's going on to a Roller Coaster. At some point the ride was closed for temporary maintenance, nothing the ride operators could do, the engineers needed to fix it. If they're told that it will be fixed soon, why close the ride queue? Those that join and wait will get on the ride first.

    Now that the ride is open and people are getting on again (Servers are getting installed) the ride operators are for sure going to keep the queue (Pre-Orders) open. If you're tired of the wait in a ride queue, you leave it (You're entitled to a full refund)

    Do ride queues suck? Yes, everybody hates them.

    Do things go wrong and rides break down? For sure, this is life, things do go wrong, we honestly are working as hard as we can to get everyone on and riding.

    Are your feet going to hurt and is the queue taking ages and why is there always a screaming baby and can you complain about the wait while in the queue? Absolutely 100%, this is one of your basic rights, we just hope when all is said and done, you end up enjoying the ride.

    Is this a perfect analogy? No, but it's the best I could come up with at 4am xD

    One thing I want to make very clear (stepping away from the analogy now) Nobody is losing any money, you're getting what you paid for, X amount of days once the server is installed. The time doesn't start ticking down until you get your server.

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    yes the max timer is 24 hours before you can upload again. I believe its stuck this way

    Not before I upload again, I meant spoil timer inside the ob. Why is there a setting to alter the spoilage of items/people/tames if it's unable to be changed?

    Which settings exactly are you referring to (Their names if possible in the web interface)? :)

    Hi there!

    There was an issue with the BT ISP for our UK Location, they should have resolved the issue now. Are you still getting the connection issue?

    If you are still having issues, please do submit a ticket with a Tracert

    My Server is stuck on a Reset Loop all it's been doing this for the past 14 hours, ive even payed more more to upgrade Server Slots and Ram to see if that'd help with something! The server seems to show on the Ps4 Server List but it kicks me out when i try to Join also says 52 Slots when i upgraded to 64 that's how i know its still not fixed! We are actually 1 of the few Private Popular Servers on DayZ 100+ of us really hope you fix our issue soon! And not just close our thread!

    There may be some special characters you entered into the server name that prevent the server from starting (It crashes on startup and our system repeatedly turns it back on again 10 times)

    Also as mentioned in the thread, if your server name is above a certain character limit (It's a lot though..) it will also crash on startup.

    We'll be adding restrictions to the server name field to fix these as we get them reported. So please do let us know!

    Hi all! Please keep all the posts regarding Pre-Order Status and not having the server installed here.

    You all absolutely have a right to complain, but the number of identical threads popping up is against forum rules.

    Please post away, and be civil to each other!

    Note: Any new threads that are created on the same topic will be merged into this one.

    Hey all, we've rolled out several hundred servers already since the patch to fix the Server Browser, and continue to roll out more. From the info above, JDogg will get his first, then Alikard24 and then Simluk. This is because we're ensuring the first come first served is honoured.

    I understand the delay has obviously not been ideal, this is not what we would have hoped for either, any issues like this means more customers (rightfully) upset, less people playing games and more work for our support and development teams. So please believe me when I say we're working as hard as we can to get all the servers installed as quickly as possible, without the servers we've already installed lagging and without putting the in-game server browser at risk of being overloaded.

    how do I cancel

    If you'd like to cancel the Pre-Order please submit a ticket asking to cancel, we understand the reason, it's obviously not ideal that the delay has happened. We're doing everything we can to get the Pre-Orders installed now, it's simply a matter of carefully deploying each batch in waves to ensure A: The services are all running okay, no lag etc. B: The In-Game Server browser is able to cope with the additional servers.

    Note: Nitrado is not able to provide refunds for purchases made via the Microsoft store, you need to contact Microsoft support for this.

    Hey there!

    Are you still having issues? I checked on your server, there's some people playing on there right now, so I think in the 10hours since the post it'll have been fixed.

    But I ask anyway incase you still have any issues!