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    We are aware of reports of Epic Client users receiving a "Connection Timeout" Error when attempting to join since the update.This does not appear to be affecting Steam Client users.

    A network setting was removed during the update. We are investigating the situation and working closely with Wildcard for a solution. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Please use this thread for all reports and updates from yourselves.

    Edit: If any Steam users are finding they're unable to connect to a Steam enabled Ark Server, please let us know here.

    UPDATE #2

    We've received a fix from Wildcard and are deploying it across all servers as I write this. Please let us know if you're still experiencing issues in ~1-2hours.

    The Hotfix: 312.13 - Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

    We are investigating issues with Epic client users getting a connection timeout when joining a server.

    If you're using the Epic client version that's likely the cause.

    So are you still testing or have you actually deployed the update? Would be nice to have an update page to see progress.

    I literally don't know how we could make it clearer. o.o The explanation was why it was delayed between Wildcard releasing the update on the Steam branch and Nitrado servers getting the update going. There is a delay because we check the big patches.

    To be clear: Ark PC Servers are getting updated as we speak, many of them have already received the update and are online and people playing them.

    Made this a separate thread so as to avoid giving you an off topic warning. (That thread was about the update going through/not going through)

    Try removing the password entirely, joining the server/loading in and then adding the password back.

    This message was added to web interfaces for Ark just so everyone is aware that the update is already rolling out. :)

    Edit: Just to re-iterate what DOAGEN has said in When will my ARK server update when ARK has an update? [ALL platforms]

    When a big update comes out for Ark, we test that it runs okay in our live environment before pushing it out to 1000s of servers. This takes a bit of time but helps to avoid things like save game wipes happening due to corrupting stuff and so on. It's definitely a necessary step.

    Hey Jaypadwick1!

    Thanks for helping us to discover this bug! (With tickets not displaying properly on the website) We've already found what's causing it and have implemented a temporary fix.

    It's also been escalated internally and is being looked into right away to get it fixed more permanently.

    Additionally we've added 1 month of free runtime to your server for helping us to discover the bug. We're also now creating a new forum trophy called "Bug Hunter" awarded to people that help us find big issues. You'll be receiving that trophy as soon as it's made.

    I've just reviewed your ticket, they had offered to do something for you in the ticket. (For privacy reasons I won't bring that here)

    The whole conversation in the ticket is automatically quoted by the system in the response which may be why you thought they'd copy pasted. There's definitely a response there for you. Please check your E-Mail as it may not be displaying it properly in the My Support Requests page.

    I'll be bringing it up to the team to see how that happened.

    Nitrado have any plan do include advanced or professional Scum servers? The game usually gets pretty lagged on full server maybe with some more memmory dedicated the server could run better.

    The other company does not offer any kind of server improvement i was Hoping Nitrado would be different on that aspect.

    All the resources needed for SCUM are included. Basically there's no hard limit on how much CPU or RAM your SCUM server can use on the machine. If it needs XGB of RAM, it can have it, if it needs X+3GB of RAM it can have that too. Upgrades aren't necessary for that game.

    Trophies can be earned by users in various ways, either by completing goals or being given them by Nitrado!

    Trophies can be displayed under your avatar and name when you post by following these simple steps!

    1. Navigate to your General Settings, either by clicking your Avatar in the top right and then Settings - > General or by clicking

    2. Select the trophies you'd like to display (Up to 3)

    3. Save by clicking SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.

    Thread /Closed

    Main purpose of the thread fulfilled. Please be sure to create separate threads (If none already exist) for the other individual problems you're receiving. Will make it easier to keep track of than one big thread :)

    Just wanted to clarify also, is the purpose to add you all to the list so that only you can join the server?

    Whitelist = Players can join even if the server is full, it will kick a random non-whitelisted player.

    Exclusive Join = Traditional Whitelist, only these players can join, everyone else cannot.

    i ask for a refund i got it bk to nitrado accound but cant get it back to my paypal or bank thanks nirtado for stealing my money n9ot testing before realese and false promisiss and way to long response if any at all

    ill my info was passed on to gameempires i want my refund plz


    MODERATOR i did buddy very clearly ?

    If you also asked for the server to be cancelled right away, they will have refunded the full amount to your Credit Balance (Otherwise the credit to be refunded goes poof). Leave it there while the refund is pending. :) They will have let you know how long refunds can take to be processed in their response.

    Also if you have submitted any additional tickets regarding the refund, please close them and stick to the original ticket otherwise it gets confusing for support and takes a bit longer.

    I have tried changing the start time in my interface and also in the ini file, but the server still restarts at whatever time it was before restart. Am I using the incorrect format?


    Also the darkness intensity multiplier will not allow settings over 1 and I would like my server lighter at night so please change the limitations to allow a higher setting. You know, freedom to do what I want on my own private server type deal. =o)

    Unsure on the Start Time Of The Day, is this just for new saves or everytime the server is turned on?

    What setting should it be as a max for Darkness intensity multiplier? Suggestions I can pass along? :)

    Unfortunately the player control tool does not yet work with Epic Games players.

    You would need to add them to the whitelist via Admin in-game while they're online. (Unwhitelist the server, allow them to join, whitelist them, then re-whitelist the server)

    Unsure if this works, will require some experimentation on my part, bare with: You can also try adding the ID that comes up in the Player Control Tool to the whitelist file directly, which is in "General" under Settings (Search Whitelist in the search box). But I'm going to check if that works :D