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    Short answer: No.

    Slightly longer answer: We don't allow it because of security implications. This is in regards to plugins and that they're closed source (so we don't know what code they're running), they're from potentially unreputable sources, and ArkAPI doesn't limit what they can do last we spoke to the developer of ArkAPI, so theoretically you could access other files of the machines that your server is running on, outside of what we normally allow (i.e. your server saves/configs etc).

    If that's no longer the case, by all means please let us know, we'll take a look into it again.

    Randomly shut itself down sounds to me like a crash.

    Not being able to come back up when you've restarted it, (hopefully isn't) but sounds like the save has corrupted. (This can happen for several reasons with Ark, game updates, mods, server settings etc).

    Please have a look at this wiki and see if it matches what you're getting.

    If you click Logs on the server webinterface and see a Crashstack file, scroll to the top and check it against the Software Messages in Log Files section on the wiki page I've linked.

    It really feels like you didn't read the whole thread before responding, or chose to ignore my posts.

    Its pretty plain and clear from my log files the server software can’t load all the necessary files. Why is it so hard to simply put somebody on interpretting what the logs are saying is the issue.

    If you had read my response and followed the link you would have found the screenshot (with source link to the developer's forum) where someone had asked the developers (with log file snippet from a Nitrado server, showing the plugins failing to load) what was happening. Please do take a look at that thread, the developers also updated the thread saying 12.3 should come with a fix for this.

    At the moment it looks like the game server software itself is experiencing some issues, especially with the infinite loading screens as detailed in this thread.

    Also, as near as i can tell, the server failing to show on the servers lists is because the software is failing to laod properly even though the server says its running (back to the failed files loading).

    This is wrong, the plugins failing to load have nothing to do with the server querying or being able to connect to it, this log file entry about failing to load plugins occurs along with the unlimited loading screen. That (the server not querying/being able to connect) has been resolved for Dhansak already.


    “Keep resetting” is not a proper approach to fixing issues either.

    This is literally the instructions from the game's developers that know far more about it than we do and are actively working to fix it, who are we to tell you differently? Are you confusing Nitrado with the developers of the game or?

    Hi Dhansak,

    I'm not a member of the support team, but it's my weekend so thought I would look into this for you in some spare time :P

    I've responded to your ticket with an explanation of what I've done and what's fixed it.

    Sidenote: I don't want to set any level of expectation from anybody that they're able to skip the ticket queue by going to the forums. Dhansak's post peaked my personal interest and had really well documented explanations of the issues, was worded great and respectfully. I'm not a member of the support team and do not normally deal with tickets, phones or livechat. The forum is a community forum, support isn't offered here by Nitrado Staff. (The support in this case was done also via the Ticket also so there's no exemptions)

    Hi Dhansak,

    At the moment it looks like the game server software itself is experiencing some issues, especially with the infinite loading screens as detailed in this thread.

    Regarding the server not showing up in-game server list, I'm not able to reproduce on my test server, is there any particular settings you're changing or log files you're able to share when this occurs? (Preferably in a spoiler)

    Some actions you take on the server (For smaller slot count servers) can change the IP address as load balancing is completed to ensure machines do not become overpopulated. Reinstalling and restoring backups are good examples.

    I'm not sure how we could communicate better to server owners that there's currently issues with loading into the game, we have a big yellow box on the dashboard with a link to the thread linked above. If you have any constructive suggestions please do share, we're happy to implement something if it makes sense!

    Completely empathise with the issue connecting to us on the phones. Firstly let me state that phone support is infact a real thing, I think the issue you're running into is that the phone line has a limited queue, only so many people can join the queue at a time. Otherwise you will receive that message you've mentioned. I would recommend calling back 5-10minutes later which is suggested in the automated message.

    The phone message says: "Thank you for calling Nitrado USA if you're receiving this message during our regular business hours, we're currently busy assisting other customers. Please visit our website for the answers to the most common questions, contact us via E-Mail or call us back in few minutes, goodbye."

    If you have a constructive suggestion on how we could improve that message, please feel free, we're always happy to take onboard input!

    If you put a support ticket in with:

    • Invoice ID (Invoice ID from the PayPal transaction history.)
    • Purchase Details (The field "purchase details" from the PayPal transaction history.
    • Amount charged (From your screenshot looks like $12.00)

    They will be able to confirm the payment and add the amount to your account. (If it's not being disputed)

    Hey all!

    Can confirm that I wasn't able to join the server I got the same thing, infinite loading screen and corrupted playfield in the logs.

    /Merged the threads I could find and made it a mega thread as well as pinning it.

    Looking into this right now.


    UPDATE #1

    Appears to be an issue with the game server itself, developers are looking into a fix.

    I did just install a fresh server and it launched fine, was able to connect and spawn in, in-game. [I landed on a hill and it rolled away from me :( ]

    The suggested solution is to restart the server until you're able to connect for now.

    Source#1 (Below) / Source#2 (Not screenshotted)

    /ThreadClosed while we wait for a patch. :)

    Did you purchase the server via the Microsoft store app?

    If Yes -> Contact Microsoft via the Microsoft Store

    If No -> Submit a support ticket with Nitrado

    If you're unsure I would recommend rolling back using the backup tool.

    We're not going to force the choice on server owners if they have to roll back or not, they have the option. We've added a notification to user interfaces now so that everyone is at least well informed to make a decision themselves. Good suggestions Yoerio! :)

    Unfortunately, 3 hours later I am still getting Connection timeout. Server is up and running, Steam users are on, I have been struggling since yesterday with my EG account.

    Please restart the server, if you're still experiencing issues, submit a ticket and include all the details as well as what you've already tried. :)

    Hello Mekki,

    there has been alot of talks about rollbacks for non-official servers. On twitter wildcard says that all server hosts have to manually do this and it’s automatically done on official.

    What’s the truth in this, and what are the consequences if we don’t?

    Would recommend reading this tweet, has all the information that's available.

    Just to clarify for anybody else reading: This is just for Console servers.

    Just a correction on Rondeau's response.

    XBOX refunds need to be requested through Microsoft Support. There is absolutely nothing Nitrado can do as XBOX purchases go through Microsoft's payment gateway.