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    Is the grid by any chance B1 ? I had the same issue but am only renting 2 servers. I reinstalled it 3 times. Everytime same issue. Now I changed the second server to the A2 map and it works perfect. But it is indeed the sand/island/beach that is missing. Only things there are trees, rocks and animals.

    Have the same issue here, currently trying to reinstall atlas (xbox). Don't know if that really will fix the password problem but it's a go to option for any program so let's hope that fixes it. I used to fix it by deleting the password - resetting it and restarting the server, only problem is that only fixes it for one login. For me at last. The other players on my server seem to have no problem at all. That's the main reason for reinstall. I'm feeling a bit like a troll to reset en restart the server everytime I want to get on myself.