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    Yep, its a vanilla server with no mods or plugins

    and it is running 1.14.4

    Also i have found that it's not just nether fortresses but also things like buried temples that arent spawning (so most structures) that aren't spawning. I have checked in the "server-properties" and generate structure is definately on though so im heavily confused.

    Im fairly new to server hosting so im still unsure about a lot of things. currently in the nether no nether fortresses have spawned even where they should have (just floating netherrack dotted around where it should be on the bricks). Since then i have deleted the DIM-1 folder in an attempt to reset te nether and allow it to regenerate it because since then i had enabled villages and was unsure if that has affected it. Even after the reset the fortresses have not spawned and i am confused as to why. Is there a setting that i have to change somewhere is there another reason that they are not spawning. (for reference i have used the seed on another map and found a fortress very close to the portal but it is not there in the server world).

    Any help is appreciated.