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    Hi Jimaphy, seems I can't do any of that. Server still isn't working and Nitrado support insist its fine, I don't know what to do any more, haven't been able to play the game on my server at all since the 15th


    i've also tried restoring the server back as early as possible, and same with the database. No luck, and still no contact from Nitrado, six days without the server I'm still paying for....

    I'm still waiting after a rare 4 days off work, without my DayZ server (the whole reason for taking a long holiday...)

    Other UK servers are having problems and tomorrow will be day 5 without my private server.

    Seen posts on Reddit describing a similar issue, so the three of us aren't alone.

    I know we should be patient, but when its roughly 10 hours to a day between responses, do you wonder why everyone is so f***ed off??

    Other people are playing other servers on community, and the official servers are the only ones I can play on, so it would seem at an uneducated guess to be a problem on your end.

    Even when it was working, with the hourly de-sync and lag, me and my friend were forever re-logging and re-setting the server to be able to play, but not having anything at all after four days is just ridiculous.

    its just ridiculous and I've wasted so many hours refreshing that damn support ticket my eyes are going to drop off.

    I can still play on official servers, but it kind of takes away the point of having a private server just for you and your buddies 😡

    its day two of my 3 days of freedom from work, which we planned a private server marathon on DayZ. So far, barely a response. Changed the hardware, no effect. Radio silence for hours upon hours, this just isn't good enough. The irony is its only my wee 10-slot server. Huge servers, unaffected. Damnit my weekend is slipping away 🤬

    makes sense about it being UK. I can play on a friends community server, sure he's in the US though. They've tried moving my hardware, but so far the timeout error persists. Buddy can't get online either. The DayZ official servers all work fine though.