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    I have issue with starting my main server. Its been going on Since last Monday on the 21st give or take. I click telling it to start up and it starts as it should but it never shows up on the server list for players to join and after waiting a few minutes it just shuts back down again. I haven't gotten a reply from support since the 23rd. At this point I am at a loss. I have a 9 server 3 by 3 set up and the rest of them start up just fine but its pointless without the main server/freeport one starting up. I've done a wipe, a fresh install and nothing has helped. Any ideas would be great until support decides to grant me an audience or I have to ask for $125 usd back from them. Friends of mine helped pay for the additions so their getting screwed as much as I am.

    Not sure if it helps but I don't get error messages either

    Since about a day after update I and my fellow players have had pings hitting more then 3 times the normal. I was getting around 30-60 depending on server loads but now they are spiking as high as 140-255 was highest I have seen. Tried restoring to earlier saves so far with no luck. Its so bad the water looks like its skipping when there's a wave. The sails on my ships will twitch back and forth for a minute or 2 when I turn them or raise and lower them. If the sales are up and I lower them they twitch up and down for a few minutes. I was wondering if anyone else was having issues like this at all since the update