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    gsoliz @ Don't forget to copy the .bikey in the <keys> mod folder in the <keys> folder in dayzstandalone

    Marshall92 @ Exactly, just edit traders files. You can modify numbers, stuff, category of Traders. Just add loot in TraderConfig.txt like that :
    <Trader> Trader1
    <Category> Random Category
    object1, *, 100, 0
    object2, *, 150, 0
    object3, *, 170, 0

    <Trader> Trader2
    <Category> Random Category
    object4, *, 100, 0
    object5, *, 150, 0
    object6, *, 170, 0

    The order of Traders is used by TraderObject.txt
    <TraderMarker> 0 is Trader1
    <TraderMarker> 1 is Trader2

    TraderObject.txt is where you edit position and PNJs (how they look).

    Can someone help me with restarts ? Do you use Nitrado automated tasks or BEC folder in dayzstandalone ?
    Because it seems that panel restarts are late (10 min) and the +3 UTC is a bit weird.

    TRADER : You have to check if you have the right folder to Traders data /dayzstandalone/config/Trader

    There, you need 4 files :



    Trader mod is reading these files. You can modifiy or create Traders, stuffs, category, prices in TraderConfig.txt. Then TraderObject.txt allow you to dispose them everywhere you want with the right coordinates. Follow instructions in files and tell me if its fine !

    Have you followed the way I describe ? Just copy the .bikey key in the <key> folder in dayzstandalone. Go to the Nitrados server settings, and list it in Additional mods.

    You just have to write in Additional mods @mod1;@mod2;@mods3;@mods4
    (take care to write the exact folder mod name, btw you can rename every mod folder)

    Go to <Keys> in the mod folder. Then copy the .bikey file to the <keys> folder in dayzstandalone.

    Sometimes, mods have config files, you can found them in the <config> folder in dayzstandalone.
    Otherwise, you have to edit .xml files to add new stuff or loot.

    Hello !

    Is there a way to install DZSA Launcher on Nitrado servers?
    We can't up .exe on ftp but maybe support can help?

    Thank you

    Otherwise, servers are fine and easy to setup with the pannel. Bohemia please, make another Launcher......