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    Hi there

    I have a server for playing in mobiles and I'm currently using an iPad. After configuration settings and restart the server, it pops up as expected in the server list in EU as configurated but after joining when I'm checking information, the name of the server is different, allocated in Asia and the admin password that I created is not valid.

    I still have the control of the server in my Nitrado profile but when I'm joining to the server for playing it is like I'm joining to a different one. Could anyone help me out with this annoying issue? thanks

    I had this same problem i would click my server which was located on NA and it sent me to a hard/Asia server but submit a support ticket they will fix it

    Fyi- if you want to do a reinstall and since you are going to day 1, the only issue really is the loss of the ini file.

    Use Common Profiles in your webinterface. If I rollback, I do the reinstall, then load the common profile next and that loads the ini files you had so you do have to reconfig. ;)

    its mainly for prem items that was bought on the server if any will it be lost if i do a install (to get to the point)

    How long does the backups last or does it keep all of them because i want to at some point roll back to day one with out using the reinstall