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    Also rollback(s) dont work for me.

    Had to imprint a Giga for the last time but was kicked, yesterday because of the Update.

    So first thing i did today was a rollback.

    But no Cave / -lootdrops, no Artifact respawn, no wyvern.

    Killed 2 wild Gigas and 1 wild Carcha - no respawn for Gigas/Carcha.

    Destroywilddinos / reboot Server fixed nothing.

    ....... So WC would you ...please ....:/

    I was online on PS5, a friend (PS4) was unable to join the server, so i restart my PS5 and got the same issues.

    In the Ark-Mainmenu, if i click "Ark beitret" (join Ark ?!) i got the message -> "verbinde" (connecting....) and then i return to the Mainmenu, somtimes i get the message -> "Fehler - Verbindung zum Playstation Network veloren, bitte überprüfe deine Verbindung" (Error - lost connection to PS-Network, please check your connection)

    checkt my PSN connection .... all fine..

    restarted my PS5 and Router, still no connection.

    any solutions, or even same problems ?

    I have the same issue. On the ARK website I noticed that they seem to have fixed the issue for server patch v695.17, however, mine seems to still runs on v695.13 so I need to wait till that is updated.

    Same problems for our server.

    Official server updates is now

    Do we get these updates this year ?