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    Yes i have done support Ticket.. I have even tested on another ''several'' Server-Hosts Servers and Can connect. without a single issue.. ? Are your servers Blocking me??

    My Firewall is off! tried that still same issue.. Even added the game to my Exceptions.. Still will not let me in! just hangs me in starting Game screen... Friends say they see me appear online in game just i am not in the game ofc.. I have have searched everything! i possibly can on google to try to resolve this and have come up empty.

    Never have i experienced anything like this before with connecting to a hosted server. I can't find the fix. this is beyond me. So i am giving up

    Server in mean time has decided to go into Loop mode and want to restart and restart over and over... And yes i have tried the Reinstall option! and even changed game type All to no avail.

    I am out of options.

    Can i get some HELP! ?? I bought form you and not one bit of help! I can't connect your servers! i can connect to other servers fine! Been waiting HOURS! since buying this Server nothing but bloody issues!!! :cursing::cursing:

    Stuck on Starting Game! I have tried loads of things that i have read on google! Mate can connect.. but i can't/ I can get on Other Servers just tried. I can connect to a single player game. even joined a friends game. I can hear the in-game sounds but stuck on Starting Game! this is seriously frustrating coz i can not find the answer to fix this. Please help!!

    I have done the 7dtd TOOLS repair.. deleted everything! even done steam Repair. Still Nothing Happens!


    So i just altered the general Settings for my 7DtD server, changed the Server Password from the generated '' default? one. To something i know. For some weird reasons the Server has randomly Generated one ? Neither password are working! so non of can get on the server :{ HELP Please!

    I have posted on PlanetMinecraft.

    Only 1 person i know who can build this for me is seriously difficult to contact.

    Baah!!! would take him 5 mins to build this for me. :(

    Attention of: Rondeau04 & xMarcel_x (or any other who knows there ways around FTB Infinity Evolved 1.7.10 Modpacks

    Does any of you know the mod pack ''IndustrialCraft2''

    Would love some help building a Ic2 setup using specific machines.. ect. i am stuck watched many tutorials via YT but non help and most are in a foreign Language :-/

    Was Hoping both of you Know your stuff :)

    i found a Link on the FTB forums it's not same modpack this link is about Sky Factory 3 But similar issues as you have explained. Maybe it can help you?

    Click Here to view link (Hopefully help's you, Its Sky Factory 3! but similar issue to your own))

    If your Issue still persists There are 2 people on these forums who have more knowledge of Minecraft problems than myself. (they have helped me Recently) I shall get in-touch with them to see if they can help.

    Rondeau04 & xMarcel_x Can you both help?

    When you deleted the ''worlds folder'' did you use the ''Web Interface'' ?

    If you did Re-try but this time use only the FTP FileZilla. and delete from there.

    I had this similar issue Last night a ''worlds'' Issue. I wanted a specific World! and in the World-type it was not there so i had to alter some Files to allow the world to take effect.

    but i used the FTP fileZilla.

    General Files does NOT have the option for BIOMESOP Which is crazy as the Server Properties File has the BimoesOPlenty plugin. No matter if i edit the server properties file World_level BIOMESOP it just changes to default via the General settings. Why is there NO option for BIOMESOP in general settings. All your giving in choices wise Default/ Large/ Flat/ Amplified/

    customized. Non of them are BiomeOplenty Exactly the world i need! :(

    hmmm all i did was manually add a Forge mod into the ''Web Interface Login''/Configuration Files/Open in browser/Mods/ Scroll to bottom /upload file/ and installed the forge mod i had downloaded onto my pc (stored in a specific folder of your choice) and boom it installed.

    Ofc Must stop server before you do anything. Then restarted the Server. And that installed my forge-world-edit Mod i wanted.

    Hopefully this is some help?

    How come in the Game server Interface ''General settings'' ''World type'' I can not see the option for BoP (Biomes O Plenty)

    That's the Actual type of world i wanted which includes my favorite Biome for the kinds of building i do.

    I did read somethng on the FTB forums saying below:

    you just have to edit the server properties and set the world gen type to BoP

    The option BoP is not in the list.. I'm wondering can i just type in BoP? will it generate it? :/