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    Try this. 1 imprint at 2min. Giga takes 48m47sec to mature











    Nitrado needs to give more info on upcoming updates. All my servers restart to do some update with a 60 sec timer. Don't even know what the update is for. Perhaps to fix the connectivity issues?? I pay a lot of money to Nitrado to host my servers. Show me some respect and transparency on the updates before the update. This way I can let the people on my server know ahead of time. Don't be like Wildcard. Should be a subscribe to upcoming updates option.


    server has been up. however I've been at work and i checked thru out the day an players don't stay on long. when i got home i went on and the lag was horrible. Tried restart but its just hung up. Force stop and Force start don't work. put in a ticket for it. hopefully my players come back when it gets fixed. i did it. Tried rebooting. now it just wants to hang up in the reboot mode lol ugh. and let the ps4 messages roll in asking where the server went.

    pretty much this entire week between the hours of 4am and 8am everything becomes unresponsive. my server use to auto restart at 5am, but i was getting complaints that the server wouldn't show back up in the list or couldn't join. So I turned that feature off. currently on the website it says the "host system is not ready or offline" the app says that the "game folder is unavailble" I can get on the game but super choppy.