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    Hello all! I have a 4 player server. When I try to add a seed map to my server it stops showing up on the server list and I get "Cannot retrieve server information" when trying to connect via the IP option. I also tried just random and set the world size to 8192 and had the same issue. I tried adding a 8k map seed and setting the map size to 4k to see if that would work and got the same results....however, I am new to 7 Days so I am not even sure that it's possible to run an 8k seed as a 4k map size. ;( ;(;( Can anyone help me please? Thank you very, very much for your time!

    Thank you guys so much! Nitrado needs to fix this in their General Settings! I had "Nothing" selected and when I died all of my stuff disappeared. If it dropped then it was gone by the time I got back(I didn't know to check for a bag icon right away) so it may have even deleted all. However, I now have it set to "Everything" so hopefully that fixes my issue. Of course my player file chose to back up after I died so I can't even restore. I had wondered if their values weren't correct and this post confirmed that and saved my sanity. LoL. Thanks again!