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    I made a ticket to support 3 days ago but no answer.

    Let me explain: There was the update of ARK, the 300.5 so the server restarted. Can not find it in the server list. I tried everything, to connect to it via Nitrado: The server does not answer. I removed all mods and miracle, the server is visible. I handed them one by one, until I found the culprit: Structure plus. So I asked the forums, the structure +, here, ARK discussion forums etc to realize that some players have the same concerns as me, and they are on Nitrado. According to the forum ark, there would be a problem with the mods at Nitrado, in the sense that they are a copy and not taken at the source, the workshop. Which would pose the concern.

    in addition, I just take a server Nitrado to test, (take my money), and there the more structure works. I made a complete reinstallation of my server, 2 times, uninstalled all the mods and put back, and still the same problem, if there is more structure in my list, it's I do not see my server. An idea ? Because here I dry, it's been 3 days that I'm working on it and I'm running out of patience.

    I want to clarify that I even tried to install the mod via the file ini, select it in those proposed below by Nitrado, I deleted it from my pc, unsubscribed from the workshop, in short, I really everything tried. And even with the reinstallation of the server, it does not work.