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    What settings are you having issues with? I had the "grounded structure spawn" toggle not working on my server. Ended up tinkering around and moving that in the config file from the single player heading tot he multiplayer heading and it worked. Could be something along those lines, so if you list what won't work for you more likely to get some work arounds.

    Trying to set myself up as an admin on my server. The server already had the admin config file setup under under Empyrion-Saves, so i input my steam id into that and on logging in it tells me i don't have admin rights. Can anyone see what i am missing here? I know my steam id is right, took it off my own profile page and verified my user id against players who logged into my server. There is another account with the same name that the lookup tool pulls up, but of course a different steam id #. Figure it's just some spacing issue that i'm missing.


    # Admin Configuration

    # This file can contain two lists: one with elevated players with special permissions

    # and one with banned players.

    # 'Id' is a SteamID64 in both lists, lookup possible at home - STEAMID I/O

    # 'Permission' is 3 for 'GameMaster', 6 for 'Moderator' and 9 for 'Admin' - other values are not allowed.

    # 'Until' is the time when the ban ends.


    - Id: 76561198058732998

    Permission: 9

    The second to last line there starts with Space-SpaceID:Space76561198058732998

    and the final line is SpaceSpaceSpacePermission:Space9

    Is it the spacing in there that's wrong?