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    ya in order to mod the ship stats you need to gain access the game.ini in the server. console does not have this feature as of yet.

    I can make changes to player stats and Dino stats in the JSON file. I assume boats will be in there too I just don't know the appropriate code to change it

    For some reason my servers have the old style land claim type where you have to put down 9 or 10 claims to get your area setup. I know that on steam and apparently on a official, a single claim flag gets the island then you put gold in it.

    Have I accidentally changed some thing in the coding? Or is Nitrado a few patches behind?


    Having some issues getting a modified JSON file uploaded. Ive edited the stats per level as per the previous thread instructions. The file is saved correctly as JSON. However when I upload nothing happens. Ive tried exporting the current file and its showing no changes.

    Any suggestions would be fantastic!