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    I was wondering, if I have an offline map where I have good progression and don't want to lose it, can I load that save onto a server and play with my friends? I'm running a XBox One Server with Crossplay.

    Thank you in advance!


    Now that I finally have my XBox One Crossplay server up and running, I now would like to add Mods to the server, but when I edit the GameUserSettings.ini file (ActiveMods=<insert mods #), they are not added. Am I doing something wrong? Hope you guys can help me!

    Thank you!

    I sent this in as a ticket almost 3 days ago;

    1. My issues are as followed:
    2. - Server says it's online, but is not listed in the server Browser.
    3. - In the Web Interface, it only shows the server IP, no name, map or occupied
    4. slots
    5. - Neither him or myself see or can join the server. Be it through name search,
    6. IP search, filtered on Days.
    7. The server seems online, but has no CPU load or RAM load, which makes it look
    8. like it's in an idle state. I hope you can help me resolve this so we can
    9. start playing together.

    Haven't heard from them yet. Anyone familiar with this problem