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    But know when you sail grid to grid think of them being a new server which means you have to do adminpass on every grid.

    If you log in as admin say in grid A1, when you sail or fly to grid A2, you have to log in as admin again.

    Yes I’m aware of this However Even after crossing the border and doing admin pass again nothing works I’ve got a small base set up on my b2 grid (not my home server) and any time I try to log in as admin on this grid using enablecheats <password> nothing works

    Same for me I only have the 8 event islands the trench and 3 Freeport islands 1 in 3 of the 4 grids so 5 islands per grid and as you said The lag is crazy and was fine before the update

    expansions all have 9 islands, 1 boss island 3 medium island rest are all small islands and been fine until latest update so its obviously the update and not the amount of islands

    Check your admin pass which you had set on them. Some configs are not shared from the main over to the expansions.

    I’ve changed all the server admin passwords to match the main server but it doesn’t work on the expansion servers dose the password need to be different from the main server?