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    i have a blackwood server and it seams like it works just fine for a week then my server ping stays at a steady 255 ping i have tryed restarting the server i have even shutdown the server and left it for over a hr and still no luck anyone have any ideias on how i can fix this

    anyone know how find steamid on xbox ? Showmyadminmanager is still broken and cant use any commands that require steamid as cant find it asked support and they said nitrado dont offer tools to find ids so why on earth have commands that require the I'ds

    the only way i have found a steamid is 2 breed 2 animals and once you imprint it will say raised by xxxx and the steamid is rite below the players in game name

    The other thing to point out is if you are running blackwood and not a cluster/grid you cant edit using json since blackwood uses the more traditional ARK style server setup. Nitrado has no given us access to export mode or even the advanced options where you can add stat per level like you can in Ark. Id love to see stats per level and the experiance override like i can in ark come to Blackwood since it should be the same code for those two things.

    im having the same issue i have changed the json confg though but they are not working in game on my blackwood map