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    I'm with them too! Losing members from my community that took months to build! We were in the middle of our Halloween event that people literally took off work for!!!

    Is this an issue with a certain server or set of servers, a problem with the update or some kind of cyber attack? If we knew something this would really help.

    It's definitely not the update. We have 2 service accounts with a total of 6 maps for our cluster. First account has 2 maps and 2nd account has 4. On the 1st account 1 of 2 servers is experiencing this problem, and on 2nd account 1 of 4 is having it.

    From browsing the Nitrado forums for other games, multiple games are experiencing this problem, not just ARK. My guess is it's either an ISP problem, or hardware issue (maybe a drive in the RAID went bad or some other failure dealing with hardware )

    Please don't suggest this, as it has nothing to do with a bad cache on browser. Multiple users are reporting this and had their server die at the exact same time about an hour ago. It's a serious issue that needs fixed asap.

    Hello, we have had 2 different maps go down at the SAME time, both are on separate service accounts but on same cluster. When trying to access web interface it says "cannot find web interface account" and on mobile app they don't show up period. Please help!