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    Ive removed the password, saved and reloaded It. Sadly didn't work. So ive had to wipe my servers 7 times. (no joke) cause of different problems. Ive locked down my server to a 1x1. Till i can get help for my group.

    I called support yesterday about this and they tried alot of things. Such as swaping the hardware, new ip, and they even joined my server and searched for breeding animals or large structures. (Which there wasn't) My problem started when Treasure maps started dash boarding me. I had to wipe my server to fix it. So basically its a atlas problem and we have to wait for a patch.


    Im really new to all this, but here is the problem. I have set up a custom 3x3 grid map but only have two of the nine grids. The center grid is my home server. The second is the center north grid. A friend and i traveled too the North grid no problems. Then he logged off for the night. I traveled back to the center grid and logged off. This morning i get on put in my password with no problems. Then my friend try to get on and it keeps saying "invalid server password empty field." ?