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    admincheat dosnt work :).. Seems like Nitrado is having the same issues as they had 1yr ago. Event Assets not working. i dont even see Colored dinos even tho the event is active

    we are aware of the slow installs. Please allow it some extra time for the downloads to finish. If you feel it is necessary please submit a support ticket.

    i allready submitted a ticket 1 hour after it was in loop for 1hour :)
    Normally it takes max max 30 mins bit its still stuck in Installing

    So i bought another 32slot server 3-4 hours ago and it just keep saying installing installing.

    i have no option to force shut down etce etc since its not even completed with the installing

    its been stuck on this for ´3-4 hours

    Same issue here, i have 3 maps and none of the events are working. After Genesis was released then all the events stopped working. i tried to call nitrado multiple times but they say its on Wild Cards side not theirs

    So guess we gotta wait a few years then it will prop work again who knows

    Havnt either been able to find anywhere where i can find the full DinoDropInventoryComponent LIST :) Rly wanna modify drops on DODO :D

    Do Anyone know if its possible to have all skins craftable at all time without having to activate events or such. or is it possible to add the skins to the smithy or craft section on ur character? i really wanna add so people can create the skins either on there character, in smithys, or cooking pot at all time :)

    i can always change the crafting cost im aware but idk how to do what im asking

    or is it possible to add the skins to engrams in some way so people can learn the blueprint of the skin and then create it