"could not retrieve server information" 7days2die

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  • I've been trying for hours now to get my server to work with no resolve (7Days to die). I've reinstalled, restarted, you name it and I can't connect. Please help - my fun meter is about maxed out.

    Submitted a help ticket hours ago an no answer.

  • cotyginter1994

    Changed the title of the thread from “"could not retrieve server information"” to “"could not retrieve server information" 7days2die”.
  • They usually dont answer tickets anyways, i had the same issue and the "problem" was that it takes forever to set up the server initially, if you create a 8kx8k map it takes aroudn 2 hours to create, maybe even more, and restarting the server takes around 15 to 20 mins too. Get a fresh install, set your modifications and wait for 3 hours at least.