Scum server wipe?

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  • There was an update to Scum today and I understood there would be a wipe but my server hasn't been wiped. Is this something I do manually and if so, how?

    Hi UncleZed,

    I have personally raised this with Support yesterday as it seems the option to delete the savegame is missing from the Web Interface. But yes only the official servers automatically wipe when due, private servers have to manually wipe.

    In the meantime, I just downloaded my config files to my desktop, then re-installed the server and re-applied the downloaded configs. This method will wipe the server but do take note that server re-installs can potentially change your IP due to load balancing checks that take place when re-installing a server (mine didn't change luckily but its possible that it will).

    I'm sure the Nitrado Web Developers will get this added as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,


  • Thanks for the answer. A hot fix just came out. Am I forced to reinstall again!? If this is the case, I'm starting to wish I went with the other company...

    No you shouldn't need to reinstall again for a game update, the update gets applied automatically along with a server restart, within reasonable time of a patch being released.

    I've only advised of the re-install option in order to wipe the server, as the option to delete/clear savegames is not available at the moment. But I have raised this as an issue.

    I've just checked the SCUM-Hotfix patch notes and there's no mention of a further wipe being required.