Astroneer - Restart of server lost two hours of gameplay

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  • I bought an 8 man 90 day Astroneer game server for Xbox yesterday which has been great. Played with a bunch of friends last night and I wanted to update the server to a) add a password b)set my account to become and admin. So I waited till everyone was done playing, I was the last to exit the game. I made the changes online via web UI and then restarted the server. I assume (badly it seems) that my progress would have been saved. When the server came online the pwd was set and when I logged in I was an admin but I lost about 2 hours of game play. So my questions are

    1) How do I save in Astoneer? My friend mentioned there is a save option but maybe I needed to be admin and since that was a config change I was trying to make I couldn't save? Do I need to initiate a save before I log off and then when my friends play they'd get saved by whatever process saved the data when I restarted the server?

    2) Is there anything I can do to get back to my last progress, I doubt it but figured I'd ask

    3) Can someone explain how the backup / save stuff works on game servers. I see there is a daily back for the game and the DB, if something bad was to happen and I had to rollback which of those would I restore or would it be both?

    Thanks in Advance for your help!

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