Car Issues ps41.08

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  • So just had a major problem today

    on a private server 2 players had an issue with the olga 24 wouldn't respond to controller inputs , and had to quit game via ps button, logged back in got a message to say 'connection to the host lost' . when finally logged back into the game the cars had despawned, loosing all the equipment in the car.

    this has happened this evening, is this a new problem ?

    his is a screen shot of what happened just before I had to quit the game and relog

    (apologies about the screen shot had to take with my phone)

  • updated info

    found a car that needed a spark plug, another player also found a car that needed a spark plug they put a plug in their car and i checked my car again after putting something in the boot only to find that a plug had spawned in to my car also

    I'm in Zelenogorsk and they're in Chernogorsk.

  • The two experiences are unrelated. The first issue with unresponsiveness sounds like desync. It is truly as simple as that. It was likely that your server connection was poor at the time. If this is consistent, ask Nitrado to switch hardware. After you see that your server has a new IP address, reassess the issue.