Server stopped showing up

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  • Looking for some help with my server on the Island. No issues at all for 17 (real time) days. Then my server just stops showing up when I search for it . I still have more time left on my ticket too. I also noticed some settings were reset to default like the message of the day reset to the default Nitrado message. I have restarted, stopped and restarted, changed the name, removed and changed the password, and most other solutions I could think of over a few hours and nothing is working. Help please!

  • Ive been away for a couple months, just got home and am experiencing the same issue with one of my two servers. Ive done all the same above, and stopped it each time. Ive also stopped and waited for a good 10 minutes while searching the forums. Restarted now and its been 5 mins and it wont show. I thought about a reinstall but dont want to whipe it yet if I dont have to.....

    You still have this issue Neutralized?

  • Of note... I just changed my map on this server from Genesis to TheIsland, then to Rag and those two show up fine. When changed back to Genesis it does not show any more. I submitted a ticket.


    I did stop the server when making changes.