Cars Despawning/Wall Despawning

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  • I have a few car mods set up in my server but a handful of them keep despawning really quick. Players lose their cars when they walk away from them. I edited the lifetime for cars to 5184000 seconds so I just don't understand what I did wrong? Also, players keep losing their things when they leave their bases, mainly the walls they build. Anyone know what to do?

  • Assuming that you had this issue prior to changing lifetimes to an ignored value. My experience with this leads me to think it is simply the core file with a persistence rule corrupted. I have had several members of discord run into this. The going solution has been..... wait for it.... a re installation. I know, it is every ones solution at times. But, I know it to have solved the issue. Save you XMLs that you have access to, and then reinstall. Save them to a PC first, as we know there to be a bump in the process that sometimes overwrites your XMLs without having selected the option.