Is there a good quick way to tell what version a server is running?

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  • Empyrion seems to have one of the most unstable servers I've ever ran. On Nitrado specifically, I'm having a hard time determining if the server has become undetectable due to it's common instabilites or if it's related to a minor update making the client a different version than the server. Is there a good way to tell (private server)?

    Also, is there a good way to update the server myself? Small 60mb updates seem to make the server unplayable for 24 hours or more.

  • I have the same issue. Weekly update kills the server off for a day or two. Dashboard reports server status as "Restarting". The best advice available is to force stop, wait 10 minutes, then restart. This will not help until the update is completely finished. As an example: In my case, the server stops when I force stop. But it resumes being stuck in "Restarting" status when I start the server again.

    If forced to guess at gunpoint, I would guess that the hardware in the server is set up incorrectly, such as low RAM, and is hitting virtual memory. Combine such an error with the worst possible virtual memory, spinny hard drives, and it could easily take all day to update all the virtual servers on a large inferior server box. Could happen.

    During this artificially lengthy update period, attempting to start an individual virtual server that was partially updated would lead to your start command being intercepted and ignored while the update runs.

    That said, if your server stays in "restarting" mode for over 10 minutes, I would suggest you force stop, wait another 10 minutes, then try starting the server again. This won't hurt anything, since your server wasn't really restarting. And it might help, since the update could have finished and if so the start command would actually work.