Server Restart Countdown Messages?

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  • Heyo, not sorry for continuing to ask questions in the forum, it's the only way to find out anything about Nitrado because the rest of the internet seems to know nothing about it.

    Anyways, I'm trying to create the automatic countdown messages for when my server does restarts, but I just can't seem to get the time right or something. I have the server going off of UTC time and I want it to reset/restart every 6 hours and give players a 30 minute warning, a 15 minute warning, a 10 minute warning, and a 3 minute warning. Someone please tell me what I should type in these?:




    <text>The server will restart in 30 minutes.</text>


    I put '330' down hoping that it would tell players at 5 1/2 hours that the server will reset in 30 minutes. But it never popped up. I have the regular messages working (the ones that appear when players log in), but I can't figure out what's wrong. I NEED to get the automatic countdown messages right by TONIGHT because we are supposed to do a showing.

    (Hella pissed at my partner for scheduling such an early date for the showing because it has taken me over two weeks to install 5 simple f*cking mods to my server. We have 10 mods now, but the fact that I don't know how to edit the simplest message, REALLY gets on my f*cking nerves. UGH.) Some one pls help ;(

    I also REALLY need help with setting up a priority queue!!!!

  • usually those messages can be done via rcon tools.

    easiest way: rent a root server, run Dayz with CFTools, nearly fully automated.

    But be warned!

    You have to learn how to deal with hosting a Dayz server, this requires some weeks of reading, understanding and try by error.