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  • Hallo justinbarnes84,

    I would like to point out that Nitrado has very many games.

    In all these games, the manufacturer pages must be checked for new information.

    Then the version may still be checked.

    Then this version will be uploaded to the servers.

    Depending on how diligent the developers are, it can take a while.

    In addition, there are many game modifications that need to be checked for updates.

    In my opinion, therefore a time from 24h to 48h is not long.

    If you are in a hurry, yes, there is the possibility to update the version itself. Then you have an update within 10min. I see no problems there?

    With friendly greetings


  • Hello darealjk,

    I do not know the game itself, so I can not give you the download source. You just have to ask for support. They would have to know if they give the hint to the manual update.

    Therefore I do not know which files must be replaced by the new ones.

    With friendly greetings


  • Going on 48 hours now. Support will not respond back to me. The person I talked too could not tell me how to manually update the server. He only said it could be done, but he didn't know how. I'm going to pursue a refund and take my money elsewhere I think.