Server issues when more than 1 player is on

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  • Hello - over the past week or two I've had no issues running my own server by myself (with MODs). However, when my friend began playing with me it is not running nearly as well. It's only two people actively playing but one or both of us will be disconnected periodically from the server. Unfortunately it's typically within an hour of playing so we have to be careful where on the map we are because at any time it could disconnect us. I pay for the server to be able to hold the lowest amount of people (10), but, as stated above it's struggling to keep two online.

    I would think this is a personal PC issue if we both didn't have brand new computers & I wasn't running it perfectly fine whenever it is just me on the server. Any ideas on what I can try to fix this within the settings possibly? Appreciate any time spent & assistance with this!

  • Could it be that one of you has a slow/unreliable internet connection? I just wonder if somebody with a poor internet connection could affect the server's performance when it comes to latency. I know nothing about this sort of thing, but it is something I have often wonder about.


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  • Are you 2 playing from the same location or network?

    Also try another server or map. If it does not happen, it may be the map you are on. What you are describing has happened to me before and it was due to a corrupted file/profile.

  • Thank you for both of your responses, I appreciate your insight! Myrm I don't think that is the case, we didn't have trouble running regular servers in the past. I have a little over 100/20 mbps & he lucked out and lives in a house that previously had a business line they continued service with.

    DOAGEN - we live in the same area, but, no we don't connect through the same network at all we don't live in the same house if that is what you mean. Recently Nitrado switched me to a new server because of some previous issues so I wonder if that could be the problem?

    I'm worried about switching maps because currently Nitrado recognized an issue where it won't download back-ups for me I guess. They informed me when I called in about a previous issue and said it would be looked into but I hadn't yet gotten anything back. Just worried if I switch maps I could lose progress.

    Appreciate both of you providing some insight & hope these responses help in troubleshooting.

  • Well, this is a PC server. You can just manually backup the entire contents of the game. So if you do switch a map and fails, you can restore from FTP.

    I switch maps all the time on servers and no issues.