Ban Players via Steam ID Through the Server's 'Player Control' Menu

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  • We are hosting a 7 server cluster (Xbox/Windows PC crossplay servers) on ARK Survival Evolved and have discovered that the process for banning a player on each server is painfully complex and time consuming.

    I understand that it is possible to ban players on a server through the 'Player Control' menu by identifying their Gamertag and adding them to the Banlist, but this only works on a server that they have played on. So say someone owns 20 servers on a cluster, unless there is another method I'm not aware of, this is what they would have to do to ban the player on all 20 servers:

    1. Start up ARK and log into the server that the player they wish to ban is playing on, or has previously played on
    2. Enable admin commands
    3. Go to the 'Log Files' of that server on the Nitrado website to find the Tribe ID of the tribe the player is a member of
    4. Enter the admin command 'Cheat GetTribeIdPlayerList <Tribe ID>' in-game
    5. This will then display the Steam ID of every player within that tribe in the in-game chat
    6. Take record of the 17-digit Steam ID of the player they wish to ban
    7. They will then need to enter the admin command 'Cheat BanPlayer <Steam ID>' on that server and then transfer to the remaining 19 servers on the cluster to enter the same admin command

    There HAS to be a better way, especially as it could involve banning somebody who is abusing and/or threatening other players.

    Our suggestion:

    Steam IDs are added to the player list info in a server's 'Player Control' menu where the Steam ID can be copied and entered into a 'Ban Steam ID' section on the same page. This would take a minute to copy and paste the Steam ID across all servers on the Nitrado website rather than up to an hour transferring from server to server in game.

    I hope this is looked into as it would make an admin's life much easier.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.