Server problems

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  • Hello, i just rented my first 7 days to die server for me and my friend, the thing is i have a few problems:

    1) Server keeps restarting in the nitrado control panel, but the server is no showing and we cant connect directly with ip, its like its not there.

    2) Even if we manage to make it work i dont know wich version is the server in, we wanted to play experimental version alpha 19, but i cant find the option to make that happen.

  • same exact issue, have you had any luck, i am not on alpha 19 is the only difference

    I wasnt on alpha 19 either it seems, i switched to alpha 19 (its like a completely different game in nitrado's eyes) and i had the same problem until i decided to launch everything in its default state, literally, not even the name of the server, and it worked, its not a perfect solution but at least we have a server