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  • I'm a new customer and have just this month started renting a server here. I've contacted support 4 times, my server was hosted in NY and then in Miami and has apparently moved around to multiple different machines but nothing has solved the issue.

    Doing things causes latency spikes up over 250ms+ (As far as I can tell the Ark client only tells you up to 250ms) needless to say this is unplayable, rubber-banding is insane. If we're in the game doing nothing, it stabilizes down to 20ms... if we do something that involves the creation or removal of tames, the server lags like mad.

    I'm hatching say 5-6 Argies at a time and if I kill them off (if I don't need them, they don't mutate etc) It causes massive spikes of latency.

    Maybe this is a matter of server rates? We are able to play usually twice a day and want to be able to breed our dinos in 2 rounds a day. So we've got the interval for taming at 10x (0.1 command line) does this cause massive lag on the server? If so, why? It doesn't create new dinos, it just gives us the option of breeding more often and we're nowhere near the tame cap, so I'm confused.

    The other thing we've got at a fast rate is how often Dinos want cuddles. Could that be causing lag?
    I really don't want to be waiting days to breed the T-Rex, but I'd also like the game to not crash when we hatch or cull tames.

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

  • This issue remains unresolved. I don't know what else to say, I may have to take my business elsewhere because as far as I can tell the server I'm renting can't handle the game?
    When running TraceRoutes I'm having no problems, there's very little latency between myself and the server, it's not as though the problem is client-side latency. Yet the game is unplayable and the Ark client says I've got 255 ping (Max Off-the-scale). My wife and I are playing, she started hatching some Diamorphs and the server just went to crap.

    I was told earlier by live chat support for Nitrado that "the server is fine" but we literally cannot move in game due to lag and it's not just my wife and I, someone else who lives on the other side of our city with a different ISP that plays with us is also experiencing the same issues...

    Do I just say screw it and move to a new provider or can something be done?

  • I'm noticing that when my tames die my ping spikes. If no tames die, the ping lowers to 20-40ms and when tames die it skyrockets to max ping. Have you ever heard of this happening? Is there a logging issue or something?

    The server has been active for like 5 days, there isn't much to back up to and the issues have been occurring the entire time so unless I fully wipe the server and restart...
    Or should I wipe wild dinos?

    Thanks for your help btw.

  • I would wipedinos first, then restart. See if that works.

    If that fails, use filezilla and make a ftp back of the entire folder to your PC. This gives you a place to fully rollback.

    If wipe fails, id do a reinstall from scratch. Test it out. Passes, try reloading some mods, more testing. If that passes try a recovery from FTP of the folder.

    You could have a corrupted file hence why new hardware or a move doesnt fix it. Check the logs and see if you have a crashstack error.

  • There is a Crashstack error, the server is using insane RAM. It spikes up over 10 GB

    We're using HG Stacking Mod, Crystal Clear (water), No Ichthy Stealing and Equalized Dino Levels (For the Island)

    Do you know if any of these might cause issues outright without me turning them off one by one.

    I just reloaded the game on Ragnarok from the Island. -- When the server was running our Island file it was running at 10 GB RAM and now that it's on Rag it's running 3 GB RAM and it's no longer lagging. However... we have nothing on Rag so.

  • I re-installed the server fresh and we restarted entirely. We're now back to about the point we were at before and things were going fine until about 5 minutes ago when the CPU and RAM started randomly spiking and we started lagging like crazy.. I'm now restarting the server in the hopes it fixes? I really hope this doesn't happen again.

  • Yeah so as an update, we're just lagging out again. 250+ ms randomly. There were no problems until 2:00am and then the entire server went to crap. I restarted it and to no avail, we haven't changed anything we're literally just playing the game. We have <50 total tames... We have 2-3 people playing the game and the server can't seem to handle it. I don't understand.

    For days now the server's RAM usage was always 3700 MB constantly. Starting at 2am EST it went from 3700 to 9000 MB and everything just choked up. I know people do far more in their games than we do. I know people have thousands of tames, so from my perspective I'm just angry. I guess I just gotta go elsewhere. This has been nothing but trouble from Day 1. Sad.

    Is it normal that my server is at 10,000 MB of RAM usage while the Ark server is shut down?? Strange.