FS19_GlobalCompany/additionals/GC_ExtendedPlaceable.lua:127: attempt to index field 'settings' (a nil value) Error: No more interval timers

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  • Hello,

    yesterday I bought a server on Nitrado to move from a small server in the local network to a machine that is visible on the internet.

    I transferred to Nitrado all the mods and the map from FS19 that worked on my server without a problem.

    Unfortunately, after installing everything on Nitrado, it turned out that after entering the game I see the message Game Paused. I can only enter the y menu and disable the game. I tried to change FS19_GlobalCompany.zip several times but it didn't help.

    The game is paused all the time and the message: C://SERVICES//ni4490540_1_local//lws19//profile/mods/FS19_GlobalCompany/additionals/GC_ExtendedPlaceable.lua:127: attempt to index field 'settings' (a nil value) what can be seen in the attached logs.

    I have been fighting this for several hours and I can't deal with this problem.

    Without it, the fashion game works correctly, but there are not many cool mods that diversify the gameplay, and the machines I bought disappeared. I did it on a local server where everything worked without any problems.

    I know that other players who have Farming Simulator 19 hosting on Nitrado servers are working fine. I am asking for help, otherwise I will be forced to resign from your services and look for a server where everything will work.

    I write in English although I know it poorly, if you have consultants who speak and write Polish, please answer in Polish.