something i dont understand about switching maps

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  • Hi,

    I have a 10 slots server for me and my friend, we played in aberration and we are gonna move to extinction, we will create a new survivor, to start from zero. But my question is: there is any way for us to maybe bring the rock drakes we have to extinction? as far as I know if we create a new survivor, the new one wont be part of the tribe, so...

    If "for example" I dont create a new survirvor, but my friend does, then I invite her to tribe, proceed to commit suicide and create a new survivor and my friend invite me to the tribe, it will be allright and we will have our rock drakes loaded on the obelisk? Can i load a dino from other map with only 1 server rented when I switch map?

    Tx for the help, and sorry if my english is trash.