New minor update 12.2.1 today - how to update server ?

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  • Dear Nitrado support team,

    Today we got a minor release update 12.2.1 on Empyrion Client/Server. My steam client is up to date but we got a message when trying to connect on server saying server version 12.2 is not compatible with new client version 12.2.1.

    HOTFIX - Alpha 12.2 Patch | Empyrion – Galactic Survival - Community Forums

    1. 2020-07-09 Alpha 12.2.1 Patch (Build 2971)
    2. Changes:
    3. - Increased kill timeout of pf servers from 20s to (temporary) 120s
    4. Fixes:
    5. - Fixed problem that loading of playfields (esp. on playfield servers) took way to long leading to a kill of this pf servers while loading the playfield
    6. - Optimized network load when moving multiple items

    Could you assess the point and provide guidance to update the server as well from 12.2 to 12.2.1 ?

    Many thanks for your support and quick answer ;-)

    Fly safe !


  • Eternity57

    Changed the title of the thread from “New minor updqte 12.2.1 today - how to update server ?” to “New minor update 12.2.1 today - how to update server ?”.
  • You can try a restart of the server, maybe you will get the update.

    Nitrado will deploy the update shortly after the release. If your server doesn't get the update for some reason, please contact the support.

    No support via PM.

    Important: Mods here in the forum do not have access to your services. If we advise you to contact the support, you have to create a ticket or call them. There is nothing we can do.