Problem using Mods on ARK server.

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  • I buy some Ark's Nitrado server since 2days, but its impossible to use mods ingame

    I followed ALL steps of ALL tuto , using Interface, Using, filezilla, using Mods ID, using copying/pasting Mods Files local to Nitrado serv, using .ini , etc etc

    NOTHING is working : the "Mods+Workshop" of my Nitrado Internet's Interface tell me that my Mods are Downloaded and installed, but when i connect myself ingame to my server, there is no mods activaded, like NOTHING was installed.

    Help please :'( :'( Tell me clearly what i need to do step by step or idk (cause i followed all tuto, even the one of wikinitrado, and doesnt work too..)

    Want to install this mods :











  • UP

    I saw there was written, on Nitrado's Ark Server interface :

    "Choose which plattform is allowed to join on the server. Currently Steam and Epic Game Launcher are supported platforms. Crossplay is possible. Note that with the Epic version no mods are possible. Existing mods will be deactivated."

    My nitrado's Ark server was parametered for crossplatform steam/epicgame

    Does that mean Epicgame players ony servs cannot used my mod but SteamPlayer still can ?

    Or does that mean all my mods cannod be used on my server cause of EpicGame players, even for steamplayer ?

    Cause if its the 2th option, maybe i just need to change my serv to "steam only" and see if mods works after this ?