item respawns

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  • Item respawn on server restart is not a thing I think. Item spawns are based on the values in types.xml

    For example:

    <lifetime>7200</lifetime> --> Time (in seconds) this object stays in the world without interaction before it despawns
    < restock>300</restock> --> Time (in seconds) this object needs to respawn

    The changes you make just effect new spawned items and if an item/object was taken or despawned because of timeout it not has to spawn immediatly. Every item has defined places where it can spawn. if no space is available or the max-value is reached the spawn event goes to a queue. I don't know which modus operandi is used but I would bet it's an FiFo (First in - First out).

    So depending on what you are doing changes can take very very long.

    A while ago I most likely found a workaround what prevented a server wipe for me. back then i needed to wipe all cars because the cars on the server which was maxed out (768 cars max) and caused permanent crashes and restart-loops. I described the method already here: Car Spawns

    There is an online types.xml customizer where you can upload, change and download your file: DSSC - Dayz standalone server customizer

    It has a nice GUI with some helpful features especially if you need to change many items.

    Use this tool to set the min/max/nominal values to 0 and download the file.

    The next steps are recommended for any file change:

    1. Backup your actual file(s)

    2. Shut down your server

    3. Wait 5 minutes for the server to do get his stuff done (highly recommended by nitrado). Even if the GUI says the server stopped there is some activity on the backend

    4. Upload your file(s)

    5. Again wait 5 minutes.

    6. Start the server

    7. Login your server and again... wait 5 minutes. There are thousands if not ten-thousands or more items in the game and the nitrado servers are not so performant their marketing imply

    8. Repeat steps 2 to 6 but upload your file with the desired values

    If you do big changes that will affect many items like a complete wipe off all items and respawning them it can happen that the server crashes several times because of the high workload.

    If that happens don't panic. just give it some tries. If the server won't stop crashing after 3 to 5 times it's most likely broken code like a missing sign like " or <>

    Hope this helps!