DayZ server constantly restarting

  • Just got a new server for DayZ on Xbox and every time I start it it constantly restarts and after it does it twice it stops the server. I've made no modifications to any of the settings and have tried reinstalling it. I had a server before and never had this issue before and have had this new one for less than 12 hours and haven't been able to use it. Any help is appreciated.

  • Hello

    I'm sorry youre server is stuck on restarting. I see you've tried to reinstall it. Have you tried as a last option to use the forcestop button on the qeb interface? It will be at the very top right below where is says your server is restarting.

    If this doesnt work i would say the next step is to submit a support ticket. You can also try to reach out via Skype, chat or thought the open phone hours.

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