Cannot find my Ark Server (Xbox One)

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  • Greetings. At approximately 3 A.M. this morning (est), I purchased a 20 slot server. I am having a number of issues, the largest of which is, no matter what I do, I cannot find my server when searching for it. I have tried any and every search parameters on the console list. Also, it randomly restarts by itself without me instructing it to do so. When the server is restarted successfully, it says that it is running normally, yet I still cannot find it. Before you ask, yes, I bought the server through the Xbox One Nitrado app. Any assistance is appreciated. The server I chose was located in New York City, US. My server name is Land of the Rising Sun, and the IP Address is

  • did you buy a xbox server or pc server.i did this when i first bought a server thinking thats how the crossplay have to make sure your server you bought says xbox and not pc.i think they shouldn't even have a pc option on xbox app

  • Thank you for the responses, one and all. The server I have listed says

    "20 Slots, Ark: Survival Evolved (Xbox One) I am fairly certain that confirms it is indeed an Xbox server. As far as a restart loop, it does seem to be rather random. I will perform said server reinstall to see what happens. I will report the results.

  • Hello

    Can yoj make sure to check that it isn't stuck restarting or anything along those lines as well. If it is stuck in a restart loop you can try to do a server reinstall since its a brand new server.

    Alright. I just reinstalled the server. I typed in the new server name upon the list and still nothing. I am certain it was an Xbox One Server I purchased. I have searched Password protection with every parameter set to "all". And still nothing.

  • Under unofficial pc sessions that is correct. I have searched under every parameter and under every filter. Zilch results. I have hard reset the xbox, the server, and reinstalled the server. Nothing.

  • I would definitely submit a support ticket it could be a hangup somewhere. Im sure you did purchase the correct server based on your description.

    This would be your next step as already suggested.

    Here is a link to help direct you: Support |

    Thank you.